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Kate Endacott acknowledges and respects the Darkinjung people, the traditional custodians of the land on which her art was created.

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It was such an honour being recognised and interviewed by IXIAH The Lable for Internation Women’s Day. Thank you for sharing my story. Check out the interview  


I love making art! There are very few activities in life that capture every part of my mind and imagination, holding my attention for hours and hours. My artworks are delicate and highly detailed. They are colourful. They explore the world as I see it. Even across my different collections, inspired by different events and locations, a continuation of ideas and exploration can be observed. Be it in details or vastness, I see a rivalry that exists between the man-made and natural environment. There is a constant back and forth as one tries to correct the other; rust eating away metal structures, weeds pushing up through the pavement. My art emanates a strong sense of place. My studio is wherever I can take my watercolour pad.

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I’ve had a paint brush in my hand since before I could talk. I do art because I love it. The process of creating art is as important to me as the final work. It is thought, expression, therapy. It is a sense of accomplishment, a skill to be honed, a canvas to make a statement. Art inspires. One idea opens a plethora of others. To be an artist is a privilege.

I am an artist and architect based out of Sydney, Australia. After living in New York and working at Soho House for five years I have returned home to pursue my love of art. My art is about my world. The artworks are an observation and expression of the colours, shapes and fractals in the world around me. They explore my home, the great Australian East Coast, as well as my adventures and experiences in New York City.  

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‘I Live in the Cloud’ is a commentary on how people conform to be seen. What is the contemporary portrait?

The artwork is made up of a collection of tiny watercolour self-portraits, each one 22 x 22mm. Watercolour illustrates my personality perfectly, requiring precision and attention to detail. It can be bright and colourful. I intentionally did not use a smaller paint brush. There is only so much we can perceive from a thumbnail - and yet, tiny pictures have become the basis with which we express ourselves and cast our judgment.

There is no place like home. ‘Coast Collection,’ is a series of artworks capturing details from the Australian East Coast. Each watercolour painting has a unique composition, subject matter and viewpoint. Together they tell a story stretching from the rusty corrugated iron at Carrington, Newcastle to the beach walk in Waverley, Sydney. Each piece explores the interplay between the natural environment and the man-made environment. The artworks encourage the viewer to reflect on details that may otherwise go unnoticed in the day to day.

Medium: Watercolour Paint on Arches Paper